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In June of 2020, D’Youville announced a new athletic identity – the Saints. 

The change comes as D’Youville has been accepted to move from NCAA Division III athletics to NCAA Division II. The university, formerly affiliated with the Spartans, made the change to Saints after a long study which engaged students, alumni, coaches, faculty, staff and volunteers. As part of the new identity, D’Youville adopted a Saint Bernard as the new mascot.

“I can’t imagine anything that more eloquently represents the characteristics of our student athletes. A Saint Bernard represents dignity, strength, nobility and service which perfectly aligns with the history, mission and direction of D’Youville,” said Ona Halladay, Director of Athletics.

D’Youville was founded by the Grey Nuns. In their early social justice work, a common phrase was, “Go to the Grey Nuns, they never refuse to serve.” D’Youville adopted this mantra as a staple of its mission. Saint Bernards are known for their life saving work by performing rescue excursions in the Alps. This showcases that a Saint Bernard never refuse to serve.

The university’s new artwork will not be the only presence of the Saint Bernard on campus, though.

“As part of our work to build a more inclusive experience for all students, D’Youville will be welcoming two new members to our family later this summer – Maggie and Saint – two Saint Bernard puppies who will grow up with our students and alumni,” said Benjamin “BG” Grant, Chief Student Affairs Officer. “These puppies will live in loving homes and receive professional training to help support our students along their journey. Maggie will be spending her days with Athletics in the College Center and Saint will be hanging out in KAB in Student Affairs.” 

To learn more, see our video release. Go Saints!