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Mission Statement

Mission Statement


D'Youville Athletics Mission Statement

It is the mission of D'Youville Athletics to offer programs that provide diverse opportunities for participation and foster a sense of collegiality and cooperation within the college community, while promoting character development, leadership qualities, sportsmanship and academic excellence in our student-athletes.


D'Youville Athletics Philosophy

The philosophy of D'Youville Athletics has been built to provide student-athletes a unique college experience​ that, after their time on campus, will prepare them to contribute to the community by leading compassionate,​ productive, and responsible lives.

We guarantee that, through balanced academic and athletic experiences, our​ student-athletes will leave D'Youville as experts in their fields and passionate and compassionate leaders. They will​ value sportsmanship and respect, and they will positively impact the communities in which they live, work, and ​serve.