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Welcome Alumni, Visitors, Friends, & Boosters!

Compliance Home Page

D’Youville University is an active member of NCAA Division II, and the university is responsible for ensuring that its various constituencies (e.g. University staff, faculty, students, alumni, and friends) abide by NCAA and East Coast Conference rules. Under the NCAA rules, alumni and friends are categorized as "representatives of D’Youville's athletic interests."

This page was constructed as a quick reference tool regarding NCAA Division II rules which apply to our "athletic representatives." Not all applicable situations are included, so if you have questions please contact us BEFORE any contact with a prospective or enrolled student-athlete. Most violations are unintended, which is why we encourage asking questions!

D’Youville University appreciates your continued support and interest, and respectfully reminds you that an inappropriate contact or any inadvertent action on your part can jeopardize the eligibility of our enrolled and prospective student-athletes and the university's compliance with NCAA Division II rules.

If you have ANY questions about contacting enrolled or prospective student-athletes, or about any NCAA rules, please contact:

William Morris

Associate Athletics Director for Compliance



You are if you can answer YES to any of the following questions:

* You are or ever have been a member of an organization promoting D’Youville's athletic programs
* Have you ever made a donation to D’Youville's athletic programs
* Have you ever helped to arrange or provide summer employment for an enrolled student-athlete
* Have you ever contacted a high school student for a D’Youville athletic program
* Have you ever assisted in providing any benefits to enrolled student-athletes or their families
* Have you ever been involved in any way with D’Youville's athletic programs

Once an individual is identified as such, he/she retains that identity indefinitely.

1. Only coaches and staff members can be involved in the recruiting process. You are prohibited from contacting a prospective student-athlete or members of their family by telephone, letter, email or in person on and off-campus for the purpose of encouraging participating in our athletic program.

2. As a representative of athletic interests or an employee of D’Youville, you cannot provide an "extra benefit" or special arrangement to a prospective or current student-athlete. Examples include:

MAY NOT employ relatives or friends of a prospective or current student-athlete
MAY NOT give gifts of any kind (e.g., birthday, holidays) or free services (e.g., clothing, airline tickets, car repair, hair cuts, meals, laundry)
MAY NOT provide use of an automobile
MAY NOT provide anything that is not being provided to all students on campus
MAY NOT give cash or loans in any amount

3. You can assist the coaching staff in the recruiting process by notifying them of any student you think would be a strong addition to our athletic programs. The coach will then make the contact.

Besides cheering on the Spartans, you can help us by:

* Making a tax-deductible monetary donation to our athletic program
* Contacting our coaching staff if you know of a young person in your hometown who could be a strong addition to our athletic programs
* Occasionally inviting a student-athlete to your home for a home-cooked meal, but only for a special occasion (e.g., Thanksgiving dinner, birthday); the student-athlete must provide his or her own transportation and nothing else of value (e.g., gift) may be provided to the student-athlete
* Notifying the Athletic Department if your company or employer has summer employment or internship opportunities available; this is an excellent opportunity for our student-athletes to gain valuable experience
* Abiding by all applicable NCAA regulations and asking questions BEFORE contacting a student-athlete


Q. Is D’Youville responsible for the actions of its alumni and boosters?
A. YES. Alumni and boosters are governed by the same NCAA and institutional rules as those placed upon institutional staff members

Q. What is an "extra benefit"?
A. An "extra benefit" would include provision of any transportation, meals, clothes, entertainment, preferential loan terms, free legal advice or other benefits offered to an enrolled or prospective student-athlete that is unavailable to the general student population. A student-athlete may not be treated any differently than a student who does not participate in athletics.

Q. May a prospective student-athlete call an alumnus or booster?
A. Yes, an alumnus or booster may have a telephone conversation with a prospectie student-athlete ONLY if the prospect initiates the call. The telephone call may not be pre-arranged by an institutional staff member, and the alumnus or booster is not permitted to have a recruiting conversation with the prospect, but may exhibit normal civility. The alumnus or booster must refer all questions regarding the University's athletic program to the Athletic Department.

Q. Who should I call if I would like to hire a student-athlete?
A. Please contact the Athletic Department PRIOR to arranging any employment with a student-athlete so that the necessary documentation and procedures can be followed.

Q. Can a student-athlete participate in a charity event?
A. YES, in certain instances under certain conditions. "A member institution or recognized entity thereof (e.g., fraternity, sorority, or student government organization), a member conference or a non-institutional charitable, educational or nonprofit agency may use a student-athlete's name, picture or appearance to support its charitable or educational activities or to support activities considered incidental to the student-athlete's participation in intercollegiate athletics, provided certain conditions are met." (Bylaw; 2014-15 NCAA). Please use this form to see if your event qualifies as a permissible event for student-athlete participation.

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