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Experience the D'Youville Virtual Tour


Experience the D’Youville Virtual Open House.

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D’Youville is committed to providing the best experience to our prospective students. In these challenging times we have gone virtual to share how amazing is and the great opportunities it offers our students.

We know your future is important to you. At D’Youville, your future is important to us, too. We can’t fit it all into one video — our counselors are standing by to field your questions— but we can show you why D’Youville is a nationally-ranked university dedicated to your future and your success. Watch and discover how our ever-evolving campus is full of new spaces designed around our students. You’ll learn how our online programs are created to be flexible for everyone, but also how we use our apps and support services to meet the demands of our on-campus students, too. Want to reach out to Admissions to learn more about D’Youville?

Email admissions@dyc.edu or text 716.671.3010.


0:41 Intro (Leah Sciabarrisi)
1:42 Student Engagement (BG)
4:08 Success Center (Denise Harris)
5:04 IT Pulse Center (Kristin Benoodt)
5:50 Mission & Service (Jeff Papia)
6:50 Solutions & Financial Aid (James Nowak)
9:20 Athletics (Ona Halladay)
10:25 School of Pharmacy (Canio Marasco)
11:50 School of Nursing (Christine Verni)
13:10 School of Arts, Sciences, & Education (Georita Frierson)
14:34 School of Health Professions (Maureen Finney)
16:48 Online Learning